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Cycling in Switzerland: Lakes Route (english)
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The 504 km route offers you a cycling experience rigth through idyllic Switzerland, from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance or vice versa. In between lie a whole string of marvelous lakes, resembling a string of pearls: Lake Walen, Lake Zurich, Lake Sihl, Lake Ägeri, Lake Lucerne, Lake Alpnach, Wichelsee, Lake Sarnen, Lake Lungern, Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, Lac du Vernez and Lake Greuyère. - Montreux-Gstaad-Interlaken-Lucerne-Zug-Einsiedeln-Rapperswil-Sargans-Rorschach - 19 information cards with all signposted national and regional routes - Detailed altitude profile of the Aare Route - Over 130 colour pictures and travel tips - Recommended bicycle transport routes by train, bus and boat

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