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The Heart of the Game: Pamela Aares

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A captivating historical romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Pamela Aares, author of the award-winning Tavonesi Series. Discover why readers love her series and critics compare Aares´ lush, sensual writing to Nora Roberts. ´´Listeners will wish that divine intervention could keep this book from ending.´´ (AudioFile Magazine), review of Jane Austen and the Archangel. Until then passion had only lived on the page... Jane Austen hasn´t written a creative word in months. She secretly fears she may not have it in her to write a single word more about love. Yet when the mysterious Michael Grace appears on her doorstep, she´s cast into a world of emotion beyond even her wildest imaginings. Though she fears he might be a spy, she enlists his help to find her friend´s fiancé, missing in the Peninsular War. But Michael isn´t what he seems, and the passion and doubts he ignites turn everything Jane trusts upside down. What Jane doesn´t know is that her mystery man is an angel. One who´s never failed to get what he goes after. Some rules just beg to be broken.... It´s not easy being a bad-boy angel and Michael is paying the penalty. Demoted to working undercover in a sleepy English village, he´s chafing to launch the dangerous mission he´s been sent to command. But when he meets Jane, he´s irresistibly drawn to her, even though involvement with her could jeopardize her life and his status as an angel. When Lucifer tries to use Jane as a pawn in his vile schemes, Michael discovers that fighting the forces of darkness is nothing compared to the challenge of telling Jane the truth. Can the angel who´s never lost a battle win the heart of a woman who´s afraid of love? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Elizabeth Jasicki. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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